System Q_EX (Preset & Manual Sound Control)

System QEX (Preset & Manual Sound Control) This equalization system enables the EQ curve to be preset according to the music type (Rock, Pops, Jazz, etc.). The speaker matching is preset according to speaker type and the Bass/Mid/Treble response adjusted by manual EQ adjustment, Q-control and base extension control. Traditional equalization systems employ multiple filters with fixed centre frequencies and Q-factors (sharpness levels) all over the frequency band. Users adjust the levels of the filters in order to obtain the desired sound. However, as such systems require many filters the sound quality has often been inferior. To deal with this problem, KENWOOD has introduced the notion of parametric equalization, with which the user can select the frequencies (points) that really require adjustments as well as the Q-factors (sharpness levels). Basically it uses only the same number of filters as the number of frequency bands (low, mid and high bands in case of a 3-band parametric equalizer), so that it can solve problems associated with traditional equalization systems including the dulling of sound due to adjacent frequencies.