Stereo Amplifier Wiring Kit.

The CAW-CLK6 wiring kit will supply your car amplifier with the wiring necessary for powering up and receiving its signal. The 6.0mm² power and ground cables ensure that your amp gets all the power it needs to perform at its full potential. The kit includes a stereo RCA patch cable for a 2-channel or mono amp, remote turn-on lead, in-line fuse holder with 30A fuse and connectors to help with your amplifier's installation. In case of multi-channel amps you'll need to add additional RCA patch cables. This wiring kit does not include speaker wires.

Key Features

5 meter red 6,0mm² power cable.
1 meter black 6,0mm² ground cable.
5 meter blue 1,0mm² remote cable.
5 meter stereo RCA patch cable.
30A fuse and in-line fuse holder.
2x spade terminals.
2x ring terminals.