• CA-DR1130
  • CA-DR1130
  • CA-DR1130
  • CA-DR1130

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Dashboard camera hard-wired kit for extended Parking Mode

With the hard-wired kit CA-DR1130 you can enable the Smart parking mode on the dashboard cameras DRV-A310W, DRV-A510W & DRV-A610W. You can select one of the following modes: Vibration or Motion detection: The camera will automatically record 30-second videos as long as the camera senses vibrations or motions (depending of the setting) and store them safely. When Time-lapse is set, the camera will create time-lapse videos and store them safely. The parking mode becomes automatically active when the car engine is turned off until the next time the car is started.

Key Features

Hard-Wired kit to Enabled Enhanced Smart Parking Surveillance Mode.
Connects a compatible dashboard camera directly to the fuse box in the vehicule
Made for DRV-A610W, DRV-A510W and DRV-A310W
The 4m long cable can help you to easily tuck and hide the car power cable into the headliner
Smart Parking mode is ACC power (accessory power) controlled
The parked monitoring time is up to a maximum 24 hours to protect the battery
When the car battery voltage drops below 12V, it will automatically power-off to protect the car battery.
2 sets of 4 types "add a circuit" Fuse Tap Included
2Amp fuses for Low Profile, Mini & Standard Fuse Tap and 5Amp fuse for Micro2 Fuse Tap Included.