• DMX125DAB
  • DMX125DAB

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6.8” WVGA Digital Media AV Receiver with DAB Radio Built-in.

  • DAB+ tuner built-in
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Android USB Mirroring
  • High Resolution VGA Display
  • OEM Wired Remote Control ready

Key Features

Capacitive 6.8" WVGA touch screen
Android USB mirorring ready
DSP / DTA /13 band equalizer
DAB+ tuner built in
3 preouts, (2.0V) (Front/Rear/Sub(mono))
AV-in, Video-out & RCAM-in
Bluetooth handsfree & audiostreaming built-in
Rear USB, 1A Charge
MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV & FLAC audio file playback
MPEG1/2 & MPEG4, H.264, WMV & MKV video file playback
Shortbody, only 75mm installation depth

True Mirroring via USB illustration OB

True Mirroring via USB, 2-Way Touch Control for Android

Allows you to display and control your Android smartphone on the screen of the receiver. You can enjoy your favorite apps on a large display and with impressive sound quality.

Before starting, just install the free app “Mirroring OB for KENWOOD” on your smartphone and connect it to KENWOOD receiver via a USB cable and Bluetooth.

*Click here to learn more.

Digital radio DAB+

Digital radio DAB+

DAB+, also known as Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus, provides crystal-clear audio quality and interference-free reception. DAB+ uses the AAC+ audio codec, which allows for greater compression without loss of audio quality and is comparable with CD audio quality. It uses a more efficient coding system to transmit digital data resulting in more stations being able to broadcast on the same frequency and allows for the delivery real time data services such as such as the station name and logo, presenter, song title and album artwork.

Bluetooth hands-free audio streaming and calling

Bluetooth hands-free calling and audio streaming

This KENWOOD unit comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth technology.
Hands-free calling allowing you to make and receive calls. Audio streaming to play music, listen to podcasts, or any other audio content from your smartphone.
This unit support voice commands, allowing you to perform actions without touching your phone and keeping your hands on the steering wheel where they belong and concentrate on the road ahead.

13 Band Graphic EQ and Time Alignment

Optimal Sound Performance.

- Digital Time Alignment:
Virtually adjusts your listening position to the centre of the car.

- 13-Band Equalizer:
In addition to the preset modes, you can adjust the level of each frequency band and create an original equalizer curve to match the in-car environment or your specific preference.

Rear View Camera Input with Parking Guidelines

Rear View Camera Input with Parking Guidelines

To enable a smarter driving experience, this receiver features a rear-view camera input, allowing the utmost in convenience, flexibility, and safety. When selecting reverse gear, the receiver detects the signal from reverse line and automatically switches to rear-view camera image. Parking guide lines appear on any standard backup camera image, making parking safer and easier.

Short Chassis Design

Short Chassis Design

The compact size of a short chassis design allows for greater flexibility in installation options compared to traditional designs.