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  • DMX9720XDS
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  • DMX9720XDS
  • DMX9720XDS
  • DMX9720XDS
  • DMX9720XDS

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2DIN Digital Media AV Receiver with 10.1 inch HD Display, Enhanced Wireless Smartphone Connections.

The DMX9720XDS mixes user-friendly features with a high-quality design and premium sound. Its 10.1in anti-reflection HD touchscreen has an intuitive, customizable interface that’s the gateway to its extensive talents, including wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, dual smartphone connection, and support for up to four dashcams for a full-angle view.
  • Top Menu Customize
  • KENWOOD Portal App Ready
  • DAB+ tuner built-in
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • KENWOOD Music Mix Support
  • 2 phones full time connection
  • KENWOOD Remote App Ready
  • Works Wireless with Apple CarPlay
  • Works with Apple CarPlay
  • Works Wireless with Android Auto
  • Works with Android Auto
  • Wireless Mirroring for Android
  • Digital Sound Processor (DSP)
  • Equalizer
  • Digital Time Aligment (DTA)
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • 2 Zone Control
  • Made for iPod & iPhone *
  • FM(RDS) + AM(MW/LW) Tuner
  • Camera inputs
  • R-CAM Parking Guide Lines
  • HD camera input
  • OEM Wired Remote Control ready
  • Wifi built-in

Key Features

10.1" HD Display with Capacitive Touch Screen
Floating Panel Mechanism
DAB+ Digital Radio & FM/AM Receiver
Bluetooth Hands Free & Audio Streaming
Compatible with Wireless High Res Audio (LDAC)
Wireless & Wired Apple CarPlay® Ready
Wireless & Wired Android Auto™ Ready
Wireless Mirroring for Android
Up to 4 camera inputs
3 RCA high power (5V) preouts (front/rear/sub)
Compatible with High Res Audio + LDAC
Digital Sound Processor, Time Alignment & 13-Band EQ

General Features

Security Code Function ( user set)Yes, Set by user
Smooth GUIYes
Selectable GUI Background WallpaperYes
Key IlluminationVariable color
Installer MemoryYes
Back-up MemoryYes
Attenuator with Smooth Volume ReturnYes
Optional IR remote controllerYes, (KCA-RCDV331)
Digital Clock (24H)Yes
Built-in BluetoothYes
DAB Tuner Built-inYes
Wifi built-inYes
Made for iPodYes
Works with Apple CarPlayYes
Works Wireless with Apple CarPlayYes
Works with Android AutoYes
Works Wireless with Android AutoYes
Wireless Mirroring for AndroidYes
Firmware upgreadableYes
HDMI inputfor video playback
Dashcam LinkYes

Monitor Features

Screen Type10,1" HD
Display TypeGlare
Display PanelCapacitive
Display filmAnti-Fingerprint / Anti-Reflection / Anti-Glare)
Touch PanelCapacitive
Display Mode3 Mode (Full(default)/Auto/Normal)
Screen Adjustments► Noon & Night Memory.
► Brightness.
► Tint.
► Colour.
► Contrast.
► Black Level.
► Backlight.
Dimmer functionManual/Sync
Dimmer LevelSync / On / Off
Visual Source ModeMirorring / CarPlay / Android Auto.
Mechanism typeFloating screen
Tilt mechanism control-10° ~ +45°
Forward/backward mechanism control0 ~ 22mm (fixed by screws)
Up/Down mechanism control0 ~ 39mm (fixed by screws)
LCD viewing angle control"0" (Default) / "-1" / "-2" / "-3"
NTSC/PAL judgeYes (Auto)

Multimedia GUI Features

Menu text22 languages:
► English(UK)(Default)
► English(US)
► Spanish
► French
► German
► Italian
► Dutch
► Russian
► Portuguese
► Chinese (Simplified)
► Chinese (Traditional)
► Thai
► Turkish
► Arabic
► Persian
► Hebrew
► Greek
► Malaysian
► Indonesian
► Polish
► Czech
► Hungarian
Software updates (SoC)via USB
Graphics TypeGraphics
Spectrum AnalyzerYes
Demonstration ModeYes
Top Menu CustomizeYes
Opening Screen Typestandard
Background CustomizePreset x6:
► Static x4.
► Colour Customize x1.
► Sync Album Art x1.
► USER x2.
Wallpaper colour changeYes
Multi WidgetsFull screen, Flexible source, Drive & Photo Frame Widget
Picture in pictureYes
Screen CaptureYes
R-CAM interruptYes
R-CAM Caution On Screen DisplayYes
R-CAM Parking Guide LinesYes
Front Camera InterruptionYes
Front view camera mirrorYes
DashCam ControlYes
Rapid charge indicatorYes

Network & Wifi features

WiFi built-inbuilt-in
Frequency RangeDual Band (2.4GHz / 5GHz)
IEEE standard802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Wifi connection for Apple CarPlayYes
Wifi connection for Android AutoYes
Wifi connection for Android MirroringYes

Tuner Features

Station SelectManual / Preset (List)
Tuner TypeLithio
FM Stereo / Mono SelectorYes
FM(RDS) + AM(MW/LW) TunerYes
Tuning mode
Up/Down Seek/ScanYes
Tuner Presets (FM/AM)20 Presets (15FM / 5AM)
Automatic Memory Entry (AME)Yes
Tuner Preset Back-up MemoryYes
Radio Data SystemYes
Radio Text PlusYes
Traffic InformationYes
Local searchYes
AF RegionalSelectable: AF/AF Reg/OFF
Auto TP searchYes
Enhanced Other Networks Function (EON)Yes
Program Type Function (PTY)Yes

CE DAB tuner features

DAB+ tuner built-inYes
Digital Radio Certification MarkYes
Intelligent seekYes, (Service, Ensemble & Component)
Ensemble seekYes
Tuning mode / Seek modeAuto1/Auto2/Manual
Service preset15 ch * 1 bank presets,
Service list by alphabet orderYes
Preset listYes
Alphabet SearchYes
Related serviceYes
Traffic InformationYes
DAB priorityYes
DAB-DAB/DAB-FM auto switchYes
Seamless DAB-FM blendingYes
DLS (Dynamic Label)Yes
PTY (Programme Type) searchYes
PTY (Programme Type) watchYes
Announcement Switching (ASW) SelectYes
TMC (Traffic Message Channel) supportYes
DMB Audio (Digital multimedia broadcasting)Yes
Soft linkingYes
Antenna power supply on/off switchYes

Bluetooth General Features

Max num. of regist. phones for HFP & A2DP10 phones
Hands Free Profile (HPF)V1.7
Hands Free Profile with High Sound QualityHFP V1.7
2 Phones Switchable Hands FreeYes
2 phones full time connectionYes
Audio Streaming (A2DP)Yes, (SBC/AAC)
High Quality Audio StreamingSBC/AAC
LDAC - High Resolution Audio StreamingYes
Max num. of regist. units for A2DP5 units
Serial Port Profile (SPP)Yes
Simple Secure Pairing (SSP)Yes
Phonebook Access Profile (PBAP)Yes
Number of PBAP entriesUp to 1000 phonebook entries
PBAP call historyUp to 50 entries of dialed, received and missed calls
Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)Yes, V1.6
Multi Profile SupportYes
iPhone & Android automatic pairing via USBYes
KENWOOD Remote App Ready
KENWOOD Portal App ReadyYes
KENWOOD Music Mix SupportYes
Catchphone / Call WaitingYes
Private modeYes
Alphabet Search (Phonebook)Yes
Noise CancellerYes
Echo CancellerYes
Phone device status displayYes
Audio device status displayYes
Signal strength displayYes
Remaining battery displayYes
High-quality noise canceling microphoneIncluded (rear wired)

CE_Playable Video file

MPEG1/2 files are playableUSB
MPEG4 files are playableUSB
WMV files are playableUSB
H.264 files are playableUSB
mkv files are playableUSB

USB Features

USB terminalYes, rear side
USB Type2.0 High speed
Drive ChangeYes
Works with Android AutoYes
Works with Apple CarPlayYes
USB 1 wire Mirroring for AndroidYes
Tag Information DisplayYes
Album Art DisplayYes
Repeat/Scan/Random searchYes
Repeat PlayFolder/File/All
Random playFolder
Category searchYes
Link SearchYes
Resume playYes
Time code displayYes

iPod Features

Made for iPod & iPhone *Yes
USB Direct Control (Audio, 1 wire, Lightning-connector)with optional cable KCA-iP103
Album art supportYes
Music library searchYes
Alphabet searchYes
Skip searchYes
iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP)iAP2
iTunes Radio Appyes iAP2
Works with Apple CarPlayWireless or Wired via USB
Reverse browsingYes
Voice Control using Siri.Yes
Bluetooth Auto Paring for iPhoneYes
Battery charge + power controlYes
* Always update to latest Apple firmware

Audio features

Max. Output Power (MOSFET Power IC)4 x 50W
Pre-out3RCA: Front/Rear/Subwoofer
Pre-out Output Level5V
Volume OffsetYes
2 Zone ControlYes
Balance/Fader ControlYes, (via DSP)
Loudness ControlYes, By DSP
Bass BoostYes, (Via DSP)
Att.(-20dB) with smooth Volume ReturnYes
EqualizerYes, 13 Band Graphic EQ
Digital Sound Processor (DSP)Yes
Digital Time Aligment (DTA)Yes
Beep On/OffYes

Multimedia DSP Features

Car type controlOff / Compact / Sedan / Wagon / Minivan / SUV / Passenger Van
Speaker Size & Location ControlYes
X'over network3-Way / 2-way X'over / HPF / LPF
Listening postion control / Time AlignmentYes
Equalizer typeGraphical
Equalizer presets / User set8 presets / 4 User set
Zone Control1 Zone / 2 Zone
Balance & Fader ControlYes
Source Volulme Offsetsource independent
Sound Effects► Bass Boost
► Supreme
► Loudness
► Realizer
► Drive Equalizer
► Stage EQ
► Space Enhancer
Audio Setup MemoryYes


iPod direct controlYes
USB interfaceRear Side
OEM Wired Remote Control readyYes, Optional interface needed
OEM Display Control readyYes, Optional interface (KIM) needed
Programmable OEM Steeringwheel Remote FunctionYes
Display input/output controlYes
DC-CordMitsumi to ISO
Parking sensor (handbrake) wireYes
Power Control (P.CON) wireYes
2-way (Tel/Navi) mute wireYes
Dimmer control wireYes
Speedpuls input wireYes
AV-Input1x mini-jack (selectable: AV-in / Camera-in)
AV OutputVideo: RCA / Audio: mini-jack
Available AV-Out sourceAV-in / Off
Reverse sensor wireYes
Rear View Camera InputNTSC or HD-TVI input
Front View Camera Inputselectable: Front (NTSC or HD-TVI) or DashCam (NTSC)
Front Camera / DashCam selectableYes
Camera inputsup to 4 camera's
HD camera inputFront & Rear camera input
Dashcam LinkYes
Amplifier pre-out3 x RCA: Front/Rear/Subwoofer
3rd Party TV Control (Mini-Jack)Yes
HDMI inputType A
GPS Aerial InputHRS GT5-1S connector
FM Antenna InputJASO connector
DAB Aerial inputSMB connector
External microphone input3,5mm mini-jack

Tuner Specifications

FM range: 87.5Mhz - 108MHz (50Khz step)Yes
FM Usable Sensitivity0.8μV/75ohm (S/N 30dBf)
FM Quieting Sensitivity1.6μV/75ohm (S/N 15.2dBf)
FM Frequency Response30Hz ~ 15kHz (± 3dB)
FM Signal to noise ratio (Mono)65dB
FM Selectivity(DIN)over 80dB (±400kHz)
FM Stereo Separation (1kHz)45dB
MW range: 531kHz - 1611kHz (9kHz step)Yes
MW Usable Sensitivity45μV
LW range: 153kHz - 279kHz (9kHz step)Yes
LW Usable Sensitivity25μV

DAB Tuner specifications

Band III - Frequency range174.928 MHz - 239.2MHz
ModeI, II, III, IV
Sensitivity- 100dBm
Signal to noise ratio90dB
Audio formatMPEG1 Audio Layer II, MPEG4 HE-AAC v2
DAB Aerial Connector TypeSMB
Output Voltage14.4V (11V to 16V allowable)
Maximum Current< 100 mA

Bluetooth specifications

TechnologyBluetooth V5.0
Frequency2.402 - 2.48 GHz
Output power+4dBm(max), power class 2
Maximum rangeLine of sight approx. 10 meter
Handsfree profile (HFP)Yes, V1.7
Serial port profile (SPP)Yes
Advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP)Yes
Audio CodecSBC/AAC
Audio/Video remote control profile (AVRCP)Yes, V1.6
Phonebook access profile (PBAP)Yes
Multi Profile SupportYes

USB Specifications

USB Version compatibilityUSB 2.0 High Speed
File SystemFAT 16/32 / exFAT / NTFS
Maximum Supply current1500mA
D/A Converter24/32 bit
Video DecoderMPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4/WMV/H.264/MKV
Audio DecoderMP3/WMA/AAC/WAV/FLAC/Vorbis
S/N Ratio98.5 dB (1kHz)
Dynamic Range89dB

Audio Specifications

Maximum Power50W x 4
Output Power (DIN45324,+B=14.4v)22W x 4
Output frequency band20Hz ~ 88kHz
Preout Level5000mV / 1kOhm,
Preout Impedance≤ 300Ohm
Speaker Impedance4Ohm ~ 8Ohm

DSP Specifications

Frequency band62.5/100/160/ ~ /6.3k/10k/16k Hz
Equalizer Gain–9db ~ +9db
Time Alignment0 — 610cm(1 cm step)
Speaker type - Center► NONE
► 40mm X 70mm
► 5cm
► 10cm
► 13cm
► 16cm OVER
Speaker type - Front► O.E.M.
► 10cm
► 13cm
► 16cm
► 17cm
► 18cm
► 4" x 6"
► 5" x 7"
► 6" x 8"
► 6" x 9"
► 7" x 10"
Speaker type - Rear► NONE
► O.E.M
► 10cm
► 13cm
► 16cm
► 17cm
► 18cm
► 4" x 6"
► 5" x 7"
► 6" x 8"
► 6" x 9"
► 7" x 10"
Speaker type - Sub woofer► NONE
► 16cm
► 20cm
► 25cm
► 30cm
► 30cm over
2-Way X'over / Front/Rear (HPF) / FrequencyThrough, 30/40/50/ ~ /220/250 Hz
2-Way X'over / Front/Rear (HPF) / Slope-6/-12/-18/-24 (dB/oct)
2-Way X'over / Subwoofer (LPF) / Frequency30/40/50/ ~ /220/250 Hz, Through
2-Way X'over / Subwoofer (LPF) / Slope-6/-12/-18/-24 (dB/oct)
3-Way X'Over / High Pass Filter FrequencyThrough, 30/40/50/ ~ /220/250 Hz
3-Way X'Over / High Pass Filter Slope-12/-18/-24 (dB)
3-Way X'Over / Low Pass Filter Frequency30/40/50/ ~ /220/250 Hz, Through
3-Way X'Over / Low Pass Filter Slope-12/-18/-24 (dB/Oct
Subwoofer Level-50dB ~ 10dB
Car type control► Off
► Compact
► Sedan
► Wagon
► Minivan
► Passenger Van

Video Specifications

Color System of External Video InputNTSC/PAL
External video input level (mini-jack)1 Vpp / 75 Ohm
External audio max. input level (mini-jack)2 Vpp / 25 kOhm
Video input level (RCA)1 Vpp, 75 Ohms
Video Output Level (RCA)1 Vpp / 75 Ohm
Audio Output Level (mini-jack)0.9 Vpp / 10 kOhm
HDMI - VGA input resolution640x480p @59.94Hz/60Hz
HDMI - 480p input resolution720x480p @59.94Hz/60Hz
HDMI - 720p input resolution1280x720p @59.94Hz/60Hz
HDMI - input Audio type16/20/24-bit Linear PCM

Monitor Specifications

Screen size (Diagonal)10.1 Inches Wide
Screen Size (WxH)223.7 x 125.8mm
Display systemAAS (Azimuthal Anchoring Switch) LCD panel
Drive systemTFT Active Matrix System
Number of Pixels2764800pixels (1280(H) x 720(V) x RGB)
Effective pixels99.99%
Pixel arrangementRGB Striped
Back lightingLED (Light Emitting Diode)

General Specifications

Operating voltage14.4V (11 ~ 16V Allowable)
Dimensions Sub/Front Panel (WxH)261.6mm x 181.1mm
Dimensions Main Unit (WxHxD)178 x 100 x 155mm
Weight3250 gr.


DC cord (Mitsumi to ISO)20 cm
usb extension cable1 piece, 1 meter
Screws (Parker-type)Ø 3 x 6mm, 2 pieces
Screws (M-type)M5 x 8mm, 6 pieces
Screws (M-type)M5 x 8mm, 6 pieces
Srews (M-type)M5 x 8mm, 6 pieces
GPS antennawith 3.5 m cable
GPS Antenna Ground Plane Mount (Adhesive Metal Pad)Yes
Handsfree Microphonewith 3 m cable
Bracket A2 pieces
Bracket B1 pieces
Bracket C1 pieces
Multi-Language Instruction Manual IncludedQuick-Guide + Instruction manual
Manuals DownloadableYes